Your Safety is Critical

“Guns hold a special place in American life - and American law,”

Dallas attorney Jeff Hightower Jr.

JHLAW advocates for the design of safe firearms. Those firearms that are demonstrably unsafe should be recalled. These goals are not in contravention of the Second Amendment.

The jury system is the only outside mechanism through which gun manufacturers are motivated to recall or warn consumers regarding defective firearms.

JHLAW advocates for your rights and for safe firearms.

You ask, JHLAW Answers

With 25 years experience, it is easy to forget that potential clients often have basic questions that, if answered, would help them feel more comfortable—or less uncomfortable—with the legal system and their place in it.

How long do I have to act?

In Texas, and most states, legal action related to injury or death must be taken within two years of the date of accident or date of injury. It is usually simple to know when your right to action ends, but not always. I’d rather hear from a potential client early. Last minute maneuvers are not ideal in the US tort world. My personal cell number is 214.641.9100.

Will my case settle or go to trial?

Most cases settle. If a trial occurs, that usually means that disagreement about how much, if any, a jury might award. True trial lawyers get better results for obvious reasons. I hold board certifications in personal injury trial law and civil trial law. I am licensed to practice law in three states, soon to be four. Walk softly, but don’t walk alone. All settlements are based on what is speculated to happen at trial. Without a true trial lawyer, the speculation made by the check writers is much different. My personal cell number is 214.641.9100.

If I sue, what will be required of me?

The lawyers for the other side have a right to explore and evaluate the case. The process is called discovery. You will probably have to provide information, reasonable information, to the other side. And you will probably have to give a deposition. In 24 years of helping clients through depositions, not a single one has ever complained that it was a bad experience. Tell the truth; the other side probably already knows a lot. Things work out. Tell a lie or two, and credibility can go out the door. Credibility, in life and in lawsuits, is key.

How much does it cost?

I sell my time. But I don’t sell it by the hour. We charge by success only. If we succeed for you, we pay ourselves with a part of that success. We take tremendous risk and front all expenses (which we hope to recover out of any success). I am happy to discuss fee arrangements with you. My personal cell is 214.641.9100.

How do I know whom to trust?

This is the hardest question I routinely answer. I’d like to think you can trust me. Many others have, and I do not know of a client who regretting doing so. But trust is earned with time and appropriate behavior. My personal cell is 214.641.9100.

Contact JHLAW today if you or a loved one has been involved in a hunting accident.

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