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Thanks for helping HT. I think it's a great result from an unfortunate situation.
- Hunting accident referring attorney

Jeff, Thanks for your kind words and help resolving this unfortunate accident and some justification as he moves on with his life. We really enjoyed working with you two as well, and please do not hesitate to include us as very satisfied clients.
- H.T.—Father of hunting accident victim

Outstanding Service and Knowledge!

Jeff helped me deal with the insurance companies after a hunting accident that put me in the ICU/hospital for 2 months. Without his assistance, I would not have been successful in my efforts to recover financial compensation from the involved parties and their insurance companies. His knowledge of not only the laws related to hunting accidents, but the overall process was impressive. Jeff … not only took interest in my case, but also in my life as I recovered and healed. They bent over backwards to accommodate any requests I had, any troubles I had getting information to them, and to make me feel comfortable and confident that they were 100% on my team. I could focus on getting back to full health while they handled everything, taking an enormous amount of stress off of my plate. I consider them friends for life, and would recommend Hightower Law to anyone that may need services of a competent, experienced lawyer when dealing with these unfortunate circumstances.

I had the honor of trying an aviation case with Jeff as his 2nd chair. The team of high-dollar defense attorneys saw zero chance of success in the case. Jeff did. He was right. The Jury returned a verdict several-fold of the Defendant's "top offer".
Marc Lenahan

Jeff is extremely bright, tenacious, and great in the courtroom. He is one to watch.
Michael Richardson

I have had the privilege to personally work with Jeff on numerous matters and have known him for over a decade. Jeff is one of the most tenacious lawyers I have ever come to know. I admire him for his intellect and invertible work ethic. I have worked with and referred complicated cases to Jeff with great results, and look forward to doing so again. Jeff and I overlap in areas of law as well as in geography. As a result, we sometimes refer each other clients when we think one case might be a better fit for the other at the time. When I refer a client to Jeff, I do so with complete confidence they will get one of the very best attorneys in DFW who is unafraid to do whatever is required to secure justice.
Kristopher Barber

Great lawyer. Great on his feet in a courtroom. Tenacious.

I have been closely involved as co-counsel with Jeff in complex products litigation. His knowledge and savvy are extraordinary.

I give Jeff Hightower my highest recommendation. Top notch lawyer!

“Great news on the settlement. A really awesome result and a real testament to how much respect they have for you. No one else could have gotten that money on this case under these factual circumstances.”

“You are my go to guy in the metroplex- no doubt about it.”
Referring Attorney

“It was indeed a pleasure speaking with you today. You were always a joy to have in my corner and I appreciate it.”
Marcia S, Client

“I have been a successful business owner for most of my life and have hired many lawyers in many different states. Having enjoyed the legal advice, counsel, and trial advocacy of Jeff Hightower and his team, I would not step foot in a courtroom without them.”
Dave C, Client

Has the highest ethics and is very knowledgeable in his area of practice.

Jeff is a very good lawyer and represents his clients well.

He is an excellent attorney!

I know Jeff well and have worked with him on numerous cases. Jeff is an excellent lawyer that demonstrates the high ethical standards that all lawyers should strive for.

An excellent lawyer.

Top notch lawyer.

Jeff Hightower is an excellent lawyer and trial lawyer.

Jeff is a highly experienced and effective litigator. He upholds the highest ethical standards and is a wonderful advocate for his clients. He is a lawyer I would hire to represent me.

Jeff is an excellent attorney. One of the best I have worked with.

I have had the opportunity to work with Jeff on several occasions. He is a strong and unflinching advocate for his clients and invariably garners outcomes that are well beyond his client's expectations. I highly recommend Jeff for all types of plaintiff cases.

“Jeff, It appears this deal is closing and I just wanted to send you a note saying thank you for everything you did for Charlie. We appreciate all the hard work that you and staff put into this very much. Again thanks so much and if we ever need an Attorney in the future you will be the first to get the call….”
Sammy B, Client

“If you are involved in a hunting accident, call Jeff Hightower first. My case settled within six months.”
Doug S., Client

“Jeff handled my hunting accident case with professionalism and skill from start to finish.”
Megan Dailey, Client

"And let me tell you…..you are the best…..Richard A will be so happy to hear the news. Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done. I am just grateful you are doing a great job.”
2014 Client

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