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The National Board of Trial Advocacy has produced two excellent videos on this subject:
Why Board Certification?
Why choose a board certified attorney?

Your matter is important whether it is a small business dispute or, obviously, the death or serious injury of a loved one. With only 10% of Texas attorneys able to claim board certification, you are generally better served to hire someone who has qualified to become board certified (by trying cases in a courtroom) and has then passed the rigorous examination. If your attorney has more than one board certification, your chances of success are likely improved even further.

Less than two percent of Texas attorneys have two board certifications. Why leave your important matter to chance?

Please click here (link opens in a new window) to visit the JHLAW website for comprehensive information about why certifed experience should matter to you. You can also browse through a sampling of JHLAW's case results below to see the difference a certified attorney really makes.

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